Fibs – Creative England / Quad / 2am Films


On the Bristol coast, in a town where nothing ever happens, teenager Naomi manipulates her friend Josh into following her. She leads to him to where she’ll know Owen is, an older boy, her ex-boyfriend, and she wants to make him jealous. But her plan backfires and she loses both of the boys. Returning home Naomi slips into a elaborate fantasy – a dream of herself with Owen in the reeds by the water. Awaking from her daydream she knows what she must do – she’s going to sneak into Owen’s house and tell him something that will make him stay with her.

“Drama probably pulls the biggest crowds. Next would be comedies or thrillers, but the line between them is often blurred, as in James Sharpe’s Fibs (2014). We follow a girl through a tinted costal town, across an isolated pier, wind-whipped and heartbroken. Is she really pregnant? Sharpe’s delicate direction combines the half-known fantasies of adolescence – a standout sequence shows beach grass sprouting around our protagonist’s bed – with a gently sighing score, all the stronger for allowing its actors to communicate with silences. The film’s landscapes are its emotional axis.” Joshua Potts – The Double Negative