James Sharpe is a writer, director, and producer based in London, via Derbyshire, who makes visually sumptuous, commercial, thought provoking, and emotional work.

As a Commercial / Branded Content / TVC director and producer James works all over the world for clients LEXUS, KOREAN AIR, DUBAI TOURISM, ANA (All Nippon Airways), MARRIOTT, HISENSE, SAMSUNG, amongst others, and has written and produced animated TVCís for EDOF, and QATAR TOURISM. Heís at home directing in the UK, as he is directing in New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris, and Seoul.

James has three writing projects in development; the first a Derbyshire based mystery thriller feature film FIBS, the second UK set science-fiction series pilot HORSE MEAT, the third AAA, a literary fiction novel for isolated weirdos with costal anxieties.

Heís also made award winning short films funded by UK FILM COUNCIL, CREATIVE ENGLAND, and himself. Music videos for UK and US indie artists and noisemakers. Heís an alumni of the NFTS shorts programme, was selected for the BFI Think:Shoot:Distribute, SCREEN YORKSHIRE Triangle programme, and CREATIVE ENGLANDís Making the Leap scheme.

In his spare time James also performs as SOLILOQUY, one man and one guitar creating cinematic narratives through looping and fx pedals. He was described by DAYLIGHT MUSIC as a one man orchestra.